Our Story

About Us

Welcome to Midnight Mischief, a proudly Australian-owned brand that redefines sleepwear with its commitment to elegance, comfort, and personal expression. Founded in 2016 and guided by Tess Nguyen since 2018, we blend timeless designs with modern sensibilities to offer chic, high-quality sleepwear at accessible prices.

Our Philosophy

At Midnight Mischief, we believe that luxury should be a standard, not a choice. Our collections are designed to make you feel beautiful and confident, wrapped in the finest fabrics that promise both comfort and durability. But we go beyond just comfort; each piece is a canvas for personal expression. Our unique personalisation service, executed with precision locally, allows you to transform your sleepwear into something uniquely yours, making each Midnight Mischief garment a reflection of your personal style and a part of your cherished moments.

Craftsmanship Meets Personal Touch

Our sleepwear is crafted from luxurious materials that are as pleasant to touch as they are visually appealing. This meticulous selection of fabrics ensures that every piece not only looks exquisite but also stands the test of time. The additional option for personalisation, from monograms to more intricate designs, is more than a luxury—it's our way of putting you in the designer's seat.

Meet Tess Nguyen

Driven by a profound appreciation for self-care and quality, Tess brings her background as a physiotherapist into the world of fashion. Her experience in healthcare, where wellness and comfort are paramount, influences every design decision at Midnight Mischief. Tess's vision extends beyond creating beautiful garments; she aims to foster a sense of well-being and joy. Through personalisation, Tess ensures that each gift from Midnight Mischief carries a personal touch, enhancing the intimate experience of luxury sleepwear.

Our Commitment to You

Every interaction with Midnight Mischief is more than a transaction; it's an invitation to experience and celebrate luxury in everyday life. We are dedicated to providing not just products but experiences that enhance your life and nurture your well-being. Join us in redefining the standard of luxury sleepwear.