About Us

Hello there! Welcome and thank you for dropping by!
I'm Tess, the owner and creative director of Midnight Mischief Sleepwear. Since early 2017, we have provided luxurious and personalised pyjamas (and more!) to beautiful women around the world! 
It has been a wild rollercoaster and I now have an amazing team behind the brand. I would not be where I am today without them. 
I am a minimalist at heart and am passionate about creating bespoke and high quality garments that are timeless. Incidentally, I am also obsessed with all things sleep (and Arianna Huffington!). As a young millennial who got sucked into "hustle culture" I slept 4-5 hours a night and quickly burnt out. Since then, my passion for health strengthened and expanded into sleep and preventing burnout. Did you know the World Health Organisation officially announced burnout as a syndrome in 2019? 
My background and career as a physiotherapist treating in hospitals, aged care facilities and private practice clinics has taught me valuable lessons that I have carried over to my business life. Firstly, the importance of serving others and secondly, that self-care is a necessity. I deeply resonate with the quote "Before you help others, you must first help yourself".
My long-term vision for Midnight Mischief Sleepwear is to utilise this platform for a bigger purpose - to educate society about the importance of their health, well-being and sleep (while looking cute at the same time!). 
Thank you for being apart of my journey and supporting Midnight Mischief Sleepwear! I am grateful for each and every one of you. 
Like my rambles? Feel free to reach me at info@midnightmischief.com.au. I promise I don't bite!